Agriculture and Stockbreeding
Special Orders
Kemer Rubber Company which can adresse to the wide arrays of leading sectors such as automotive, textile and livestock market as well as the other prevailing sectors, has acquired both the customers’ and suppliers’confidence and gratification with its wide range of productions in the best quality. It has proved its great achievement in their service of the highest performance and efficiency to its adressers.

In our company, there are wide arrays of productions in the best quality such as rubber (bumper) parts like valve tubes, bellows, cutting hoops, pad rubbers and special damper felts and also rubber parts of all the milking machines like milk hoses, nipple rubbers, copper sets, feeding bottle teams, paw gaskets as well as various sealing elements, o-ring gaskets, hydrolic gaskets, bellows and all other rubber parts of the textile machines by using natural, synthetic, silicone, veton and EPDM rubber productions.

The quality of all our productions are proved by the Department of Agriculture in Uludag
University and we stil carry on our work to be able to make the best products in quality.

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